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General Surgery Billing by JS Medical Billing

medical documents General Surgery Billing

Billing is complex and requires both broad and deep expertise in the field in order to properly code, bill claims and handle the follow-up process. To appeal claims and answer questions from payers, your billing team should be knowledgeable about general surgery procedure and terminology.

How Does General Surgery Billing Work?

Clinics office should be prepared for the unique requirements involved with each type of billing service from the moment a patient walks in the door. The diagnostics, treatment and results must all be documented to streamline the process of coding that comes next, followed by billing. The numerical codes are utilized by providers for reimbursement of your services.

When you choose to work with JS Medical Billing, this is the point at which we take over. We can bill insurance providers as well as your patients while maintaining HIPAA compliance and any other state or federal regulations and are responsible for proper collections and billing maintenance, saving you time and hassle while increasing revenue.

General Surgery billing is an essential part of practice organization, and it grants you a better way to analyze charges for every visit or procedure that occurs within the facility.

General Surgery Billing Software

General Surgery billing software can help from the point of scheduling, through note documentation and into billing. However, software still requires time investment. Depending on the software’s level of detail and the amount of tasks it carries out, you’ll need a bigger team to handle it.

JS Medical Billing is using cloud-based software program called Kareo. We are very flexible to your needs, from the method of data exchange to the amount you want to be involved. You will also have full access whenever you want, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A software program in itself is just a tool, but JS Medical Billing specialists understand how to use the Kareo tool to its fullest.

How Much Does General Surgery Billing Cost?

Mistakes in improper General Surgery coding cause the loss of thousands of dollars each year. By investing in a third-party medical billing team like JS Medical Billing, you are assured coverage that eliminates mistakes and money lost.

JS Medical Billing has a one-time startup fee of $250 per clinician, plus 7%-10% of the amount you receive. Accelerated payments, increased revenue and transparency all make your job of caring for patients a little bit easier, so get started today!