JS Medical Billing was created to be the most personable company.
Nurse Using PC

As more and more solo and small practices attempted to get us involved in tasks not related to our business model, we recognized the need for additional types of services.

The owner of the company has been working in the medical field for over 30 years. The invaluable hands-on experience in front and back offices, practice management, and certified coder/biller experience clearly would allow us to provide needed management consulting services.

We provide certified EHR consultation, set-up, and training. Some of our clients can get advice over the phone, email, or a phone call, and some request in person.

We are always happy to give you our opinion regarding billing or practice management issues (brief advice on an issue at no charge).

Practice Management Consultation includes many topics:

  • – Office structure, personnel functions and responsibilities
  • – Paperwork and EHR issues
  • – A/R Management and problem-solving
  • – Ensure smooth data flow to avoid missing encounters
  • – Provide accurate coding services to maximize reimbursements
  • – Assist management and office staff in the creation of forms to meet administrative and clinical needs.
  • – To maximize the billing process, everything must have a straight line from beginning to end, i.e., patient demographics, insurance information, co-pays, and getting all the information to JS Medical Billing.

Our hourly rate for Practice Management Consultation is subject to a charge and is currently $125.00 per hour. If onsite consultation is provided, travel and accommodation expenses will be extra.