Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider.

Should I Outsource Billing?
For a physician, other medical practitioners, group practice, or clinic, medical billing work can be a daunting task and can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Encounters are incorrect, missed deadlines or inadequate follow-up can have a disastrous effect on your bottom line. However, a well-run billing service can simplify your life and can greatly improve both your cash flow and total income.

Over the years, medical billing service has been promoted by franchise opportunists and some software companies as an easy way to make money working from home.

Unfortunately, many people attempted to set themselves up as medical billers. With no education and experience in the field, they managed to create horror stories from medical practices that have hired someone like that. We advise you to check out the billing service thoroughly before you sign up!

A competent and experienced billing service can make a very positive change in your life and your practice. Hours previously spent each month getting bills submitted or waiting on hold with insurance companies to verify insurance policy or why the claims are not paid can be better spent seeing additional patients or enjoying life.

Just a few more paid claims a month can make the difference between a practice that makes money and one that is losing money. Providers often find that a good billing service pays for itself many times over.

Should I Use a Billing Service?
If you answer YES to most of the following questions, a good billing service, such as JS Medical Billing, will do this for you:
– Is the overall collection rate declining?
– Are you experiencing an increased number of denied claims?
– Do you have effective billing supervision and staff?
– Do you need to invest in new computers and software?
– Are computer support fees too high?
– Are you planning to expand the practice?
– Is your practice cost structure also high?
– Is your time being consumed by regulations and procedures in an ever-changing industry?

How about the hidden costs? Supplies and forms, postage, clearinghouse expenses, coding and billing books, training, etc.?

It is important, when comparing billing services, to look at what services they are offering for the rate they charge. Some services will submit your insurance bills and do very little else.

Others will provide a wide range of services, such as complete follow-up on unpaid claims, tracking authorizations, mailing bills to patients, tracking co-pays, etc.

Our Typical Process
At JS Medical Billing, we provide the best mix of services to help your practice run smoothly. Our highly experienced and professional staff will handle all of your complex billing needs with ease, removing this burden from your hands. You can turn your billing over to us with full confidence that it will be done professionally, accurately, and thoroughly.

JS Medical Billing is a professionally run corporation.

Our charges are a percentage of payments you have received.

We invoice you based on the money you have in hand, never the amount you bill out.

And we don’t get paid until you do.