With electronic document management software, you can store files, scan paper documents, receive faxes, attach documents to records, and manage document batches.

Store Computer Files
The system allows you to upload and store computer files online. You can store files in any file format, including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, BMP, JPEG, and so much more.

Access your files anytime by downloading them to your computer, modifying your files on your PC, and re-uploading any changes you make automatically.

Scan Paper Documents
Scan documents directly into the web-based document management software using our native support for any Windows-compatible, TWAIN-compliant scanner.

You can enter information to describe your document and adjust the page size, color mode, resolution, brightness, or contrast.

Receive and Scan Faxes
You will be assigned a unique fax number that you can use to fax documents directly into your account. Your fax number will be displayed on your practice dashboard so that all your users know where to fax documents, and the fax number will remain active for the life of your subscription.

You can send a fax to your fax number using any standard fax machine. The fax automatically converts into a scanned document and delivers the new fax to your database.

Once you receive a fax, you can use that faxed document just like you would use any other scanned document.

You can view faxes on screen and zoom in and zoom out, shrink pages to fit your screen, and rotate pages. You can print entire faxes or specific pages of a fax. Store your faxes as batches or indexes and attach pages to individual records.

Finally, you can also add notes and route the faxes to other users in your organization for further processing.