JS Medical Billing services fees are based on a percentage of the amount we collect both from insurance and patients.

Designed to Meet Your Needs!
Some physicians have more specialized needs and prefer a more customized package of services. Our Individualized Medical Billing Service is a good choice for you if you don’t meet the criteria for our Standard Services.

Examples are pre-authorization, benefit verification, insurance policies, referrals, co-pays, deductibles, coding, contract pricing, etc.

As a medical specialist, you must obtain and track authorizations for services, and it is a crucial part of the specialist’s billing process.

The JS Medical Billing comprehensive system can obtain and track authorizations and alert the office when the number of sessions remaining is getting low or if the authorization is about to expire.

Verifying Benefit
Every new patient visit must be completely verified to get paid for services the first time. We will do complete benefit verification prior to the first visit.

After you record the intake information from a new patient, you should enter the patient’s demographics and insurance information and complete electronic eligibility verification. Instant eligibility verification takes 10-15 seconds.

The eligibility report includes:
– Valid insurance policy information
– Co-pays

All services under this plan are individually priced, depending on which services best meet your needs of the practice. These prices are competitive and, in some cases, may even be lower than our Standard Services.