JS Medical Billing services fees are based on a percentage of the amount we collect, both from insurance and patients.

Standard Rates
The clients meeting our Standard plan criteria are offered a rate between 7% and 10% of collections.

However, a few factors may allow some variation within the percentage range.

a) Would the office personnel be entering basic demographics and encounter data, or will JS Medical Billing provide data entry?

b) Will you choose to have your own account with the Software Provider, or will you choose free usage of the Software through our account?

Custom Rates
Some customers may have specialized needs or claims that may pay a larger or smaller amount.

The rates for our Custom Service Plans have a wider range and may be more or less expensive than the Standard Plan.

We ask that the information needed to do the billing be submitted to us by fax, email, or through a web-based communications program.

The system we use offers you the opportunity to enter patient demographics and other information directly into your on-site practice management software.

Once we receive your information, the claims are submitted electronically.

Medicare has been moving towards requiring that all claims be submitted electronically and actively tries to discourage submitting claims on paper.

JS Medical Billing is a professionally run corporation.

Our charges are a percentage of payments you have received.

We invoice you based on the money you have in hand, never the amount you bill out.

And we do not get paid until you do.